Hey Amit, welcome to the world of soulful living !

Well dude, you came, you loved and you remain a part of my living being forever. Over the years people have come, lived and gone. I moved on too. But you? You came, filled my life with love and happiness. You are my baby who reserved his space in my heart and is now motivating me to connect with my Cancer village through you. Thank you!

Though for a short while, we bonded  big time. In my entire journey with my cancer family, you have been the one to leave deep impression of courage, will power and your enchanting smile. I am going to be celebrating each of your wishes, each of your interests and all that you desired. One of your interest is permenantly bonded with me…….Sangeeta!

You accepted your association with cancer, so gracefully, combated bravely and bid good bye before it ceased you. You are a hero!

Together, we will work upon some sort of awareness through your experience of living and winning over the unknown fear that individuals go through when told about the cancer type. i promise you that, we shall overcome this hurdle some day.

Loads of love, and hugs to you, forever. I dedicate today’s blog to Sangeeta, my baby. Oh! what a strong personality. Hats off Sangeeta! Every Amit needs a Sangeeta to live well and rejoice the time spent in the process of the treatment. Sangeeta is singularly responsible for filling the cold ICU with her warmth of love for you. She is the role model.

Cancer is always a winner, do not fear it!