Being diagnosed with Cancer, activates a profound sense of uncertainty, and vulnerability. It has the power to trigger a keen awareness of death even if not imminent. Assumptions of life’s predictability and normalcy seem permanently shattered. Cancer represents not just a clinical fact but a challenging, personal saga which unfolds as each Cancer sufferer enters the roller coaster of their Cancer journey.

Nonetheless, the brain also triggers, the stress hormones and the mind turns off. Yet you can learn to relax and find a way not to just survive but also enjoy life, and experience peace and fulfillment. But, to think, feel, react, and behave calmly in response to having Cancer affects your recovery, In the sense, your state of mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend. Since your mind effects your recovery, reducing complex mind- body connections to the command to ” think positive”, is misleading and injurious. Sometimes, accepting the flux of emotions and learning how to manage Cancer is healthier than to deny them. The belief in’ the possible’ in the face of uncertainty, supports in receiving the best medical treatment and adopt psychological, nutritional, and fitness programmes. All this can keep you on track when wanning energy slows you down.

Counseling with the mind- spirit team, can be of great help in melting down the walls created amongst all relations of a Cancer sufferer and their loved ones. The result as you might guess, is that everyone panicking around loosens the stiffness, thus create harmony around the Cancer sufferer. All these ways and means helps in increasing your quality of life..

Mind- spirit strategies enhance life beyond Cancer…..

Krishna Banerjee, Counselor and Healer



Cancer needs a focussed medical attention combined with a cool attitude. The Cancer treatment generally has serious side effects. This can be handled by creating a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, the diet and proper physical care have to be determined and followed systematically. Each time you choose a certain food programme or physical activity, you experience unreleived distress.which is influencing health.

Having been diagonised with Cancer, and even after completing conventional therapy, your healthy lifestyle improves the odds that your body creates , which enables you to combat Cancer.

Secondly, you need to strengthen your anti Cancer biology. The internal bio chemistry includes levels of oxidation and inflamation., the state of your immune system, and levels of growth signals. In some cases, one can be recommended options, such as natural supplements or natural nutrients. this plan can be individualized to fit each person’s Cancer type and situation.

A study of Cancer survivors, can explain how patient’s battled over Cancer, by keeping their lives free of stress situations that Cancer often takes you through. A healthy mind that accepts Cancer as a friend and not an enemy, just as, when you enter a tunnel, the darkness envelopes you but what your mind focusses is on the streak of light which opens up at the end of the tunnel. Similarly, a patient can always choose to visualize a beacon at far end of the illness and not get engulfed in darkness of pain and misery, which comes as a package while you undertake the Cancer journey.

A positive, active, happy – go – lucky, enthusiastic mind conquers life over Cancer.

A healthy lifestyle heals Cancer!


The word “disease” occurs when your body and mind are not , at ease. And when you are diseased you are ill at ease, fearful, full of regret, remorse, and all that. Cancer can trigger off only when the body is not at “ease”.

Like an earthquake that strikes without warning , the simple communication………”that you have Cancer”, distructs your world and leaves you completely shaken, dazed, and in a state of shock. It keeps you feeling depressed because of the profound changes that Cancer makes in your life, stressed up about treatments, side effects, or feeling angry, as to why, “you”? These feelings are very natural because of the drastic changes that Cancer brings in your life, for mere survival. But, be assured that you can feel love and joy again. If you accept Cancer, in all positivity, and not lead your thoughts and feelings towards any negative emotions such as anxiety, insecurity of your survival, and so on, then only, you can enhance, your inner resources, restore your emotional and psychological equilibrium, which will enable you to hang on to some amount of inner strength and serenity. Even when the going gets tough, you can re engage your life with vigor and vitality. This helps you to bring back the lack of life, inspite of anything that Cancer triggers to a life with hope and strong will.

The life over Cancer, mind – spirit, techniques can help you manage disturbing emotions, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and gain control over your stress hormones. Accepting the flux of emotions, and learning how to manage them is healthier than trying to deny them while maintaining a positive attitude.

Sometimes, the misguided worship of a positive attitude can produce a blame- the- victim mentality. Thereby, creating a flipside of positivity, and reduce you to actually being the victim. Hence, to avoid a life threatening situation to begin with is, ” keep your mind and body at ease, hence not creating disease”.

Ease heals Cancer…………


There is a saying, that speaks the truth about health for most of us, ” He who enjoys good health is rich, though, he knows it not.’

Health is a gift of life, it is something you received and continue to receive from the Universe, each day.

Good health gives us all the reasons to feel the gratitude towards the Universe. When you are grateful to the Universe for all its abundance, what you are receiving is priceless.When you are grateful for your good health, you will not only maintain your current good health, you will also give an affirmation to attract more of it . And at the same time,derive a flow of good health towards yourself. Your health, if bad starts improving right away, and you experience miracles which drive away life threatening disease such as Cancer. All of this can happen like magic!

Living with a lack of immunity leading to a decline of good health, means lack of clarity of thought, energy, vitality and every other function of the Cancer type thus weakening the sufferer.

Research studies by scientists have shown that stress and tension are the main cause of many Cancer type. Studies have also revealed that being positive and living mentally free heals Cancer faster. Some scientifical studies explain that there is a probability of an increase of life span of an individual by seven years, simply by being positive and living in gratitude. You can definitely see the state of your health right at this moment, while you are reading this blog and feel the richness of good life.

Think about every body part deeply and smile with gratitude that you are living good health and good life. Till such time that it pushes you to feel pain and uneasiness or incapacitates you to live well, you complaint, not realising the virtue of being healthy. Hence, right now, feel thankful and live in gratitude of the Universe who is providing all of the good being in abundance towards your good health.

Live in gratitude and heal Cancer!


The idea is that within our minds there are internal objects of perceptions that represent physical, external objects of the human body, thus, creating disharmony within us often leading to any Cancer type.

Human behaviour is expressed by actions, deeds and most prominently words. Words spoken are the expressions and impressions of human mind. Often the expressions are an outcome of interpretations. Our words spoken do not just represent how things are, we ask questions, give commands, tell jokes, make promises, make suggestions, give advise, insult, pursuade, and intimidate through the use of words, of, ‘ a’ language. in fact , the language, is used to represent, how the world is or not from our understanding, point of view, or our interpretations only.

Language, is one of the most important tool of communication. Communication is vital to our well being. When we talk, we let our emotions and expressions out. If the language, is insufficiently used and held back, we create a baggage of emotions……..constructive or destructive.Anyways, we create disharmony, within, our body, thereby,creating discomfort, agony, anxiety, pathos,depression and convert all emotions into heading towards self destruction. Until, we realize that it is too late………

We are victims…….
We have invited Cancer!

We should concentrate on the language and examine the content and meaning of words, rather than spinning a web from the inside of our heads.

The importance of negative instances in our lives, must be paid due attention, work upon them by creating an energy of constructive emotion which enhances our lives and helps us overcome Cancer.

Our communication through language may be termed, ” speech – act ‘…….
Our “speech – act ‘ can heal Cancer.


The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts; therefore, guard accordingly, and take adequate care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.

I believe that Universe has placed reason in an individual and it is in the power of the individual to be one with the rational purpose of nature.
Our life can probably be followed like religion. Religion plays a vital role in society and in people’s lives. Unless an individual is an aethist.. generally, religious believes dominate people’s lives and also their thoughts. Hence, if thoughts can be followed, as religion, with deep believe than, life can be lived easily. The acceptance that thoughts are just as we make them, we will be troubling ourselves less and are likely to live freely.

We should work upon our thoughts and strive towards ‘ self preservation’. ‘ Self preservation’ leads an individual to look for, that, which is in tune with its nature and appropriate to its own being. An individual being endowed with reason , seeks not just food, warmth and shelter, but also that which is good with the intellect. Ultimately reason, allows us to choose that which is in tune with our true nature with greater accuracy, then merely follow our animal instinct.

An understanding of thoughts constitutes the good or most appropriate life of human beings. It is conceivable that accumulation of wealth, fame, luxury,etc. might sometimes be detrimental to an individual, and so to even one’s health. Similarly. any unnatural accumulative way of thought leading to a certain way of being may attract any Cancer type. It is suggested, therefore, that we observe the probabilities of acquiring Cancer and keep those possibilities aside.

Keep the spot light, on ourselves, govern our thoughts and heal Cancer.


Is there any meaning of life?
What really “exist” mean?
What is mind?
How does mind relate to matter?
Does the Universe have a purpose?
What do we know?
Do we want to know?
Human minds mostly lies in the nature of being——–logic.
Logic establishes the principles of reasoning?
The ‘is’, ‘does’,’what’,’how’,and so on being, ” brain breaking” difficult.
Indeed, a famous philosopher once said that ” most thoughts on philosophy are unintelligible to most intelligent people.”
Mind is the’ subject’.The qualities and necessity of good being or existing is mind, than probably qualities of mind are of limited use. Mindfulness often takes away precision of thought which is essential to every aspect and walk of life. On the contrary, mind wanders, flies, drives, sways into any passage of life which often leads to agony, anxiety, pain, and often delivers…..Cancer. It is simply done than said, while the mind has the capacity to lead few individuals into the world of Cancer. Likewise, the free mind can comfortably take away Cancer from an individual.
A simple exercise for an individual suffering Cancer..is as follows:
Just as we wash dishes, bathe, wash clothes, sweep and swab and clean our body and home, so can we cleanse our suffering in Cancer, by cleaning away the accumulation of our anxieties, anguish, pain, by reminding ourselves that it is a phase( accumulated mindfully).Just imagine, what would happen if we would not clean ourselves and our surroundings on a day to day basis?We will become a pile of garbage ourselves, which on decay would make mere existence, impossible.By adapting and exercising inner cleansing, we shall gradually become less mindful and open ourselves to the abundance and miracles of inner cleansing which in the process will heal Cancer.  The Cancerous phase will pass off by simply affirming our mind to stay calm, and set the mind into a motion of cleansing and cleaning.

Cancer can be healed by cleansing!