The festival of colors has arrived……..HOLI ! Lets welcome the vibrant colors of holi in our lives.

In the last three decades, or so, I have been wandering….I am wandering… and will continue to wander to co exist with my dear ones. The deep necessity to wander is for holding the hands of my cancer sufferers and walk with them into the world of colors. To make ultimate efforts to enlighten them with the color effect,so that they come out of their ashened existence with sunken eyes and grey smiles.

I carry an invisible bag of colorful energy. I pick up a pinch of pink,green,yellow, blue colors of happiness, health and love, sprinkling them all around and rejoice, in the magical radiance of rainbow colors, which brightens their faces. Their eyes lit up with hope, they wear a pink smile and bask in the color of hope and happiness.

The energy of colors is an integral part of our well being. Our Chakras are signified with one color or the other. The color – RED, is of utmost importance to the cancer victim. It balances their chances of survival. Red drives away Cancer- it is that simple.

I simply appeal to each one of my dear ones, whoever , is reading these lines, “to rise and shine.” To carry our bag full of colors and sprinkle a pinch of each color, around us as a mark of celebration of life. To celebrate life as if it will never be the same as the moment that we are in – colorful!

Catch the moment! wake up! get up! don’t sleep over! Lets irradicate the incompleteness, deep sorrow, utmost pain and conquer over the unknown fears, with the colorful power within…me, you, us! Let us together spread colors all around and feel the bliss…..



Love is the most powerful superpower that one can possibly wield…….

To most of us, love and compassion are temporary and personalized emotions……….an outcome of a prevailing mood or circumstance. Actually, compassion is a living, breathing, emotion that vibrates through an energy around created by us which inspires others.

The energy is a tiny atom which shapes itself in the mother’s womb and gives birth to the mother. The mother is born and as soon as she holds the new born energy, she truly recognizes the meaning of love – compassion.

Love binds, love heals, love creates, love evolves, love bonds…………life is all about love.

Today’s content is only and all about love…..the lovely girl who is my ” special child” is an integral part of my life. The tiny tot has evolved over the  pain and trauma of her incompleteness and embraced great and complete, happy life . She made me realize that her life’s journey had a purpose……especially for me. And that was to feel, absorb, overcome the painful existence and taught me to smile and then spread the joy of love to all around. Yes, today is the fourth of March, my Chinky’s birthday. yes, my child, you made me a compassionate mother- thank you! Thank you for igniting the torch and showing  me the way from darkness to life, to guide me in your own way , to feel and heal sufferings of kids around like you. You give me the strength and the power of love to better the lives of many kids in distress.You are truly “SPECIAL”.

Celebrate life, spread love and heal…………..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMMA!


Emotional suffering sometimes gets nurtured as emotional flourishing by which an emotion is judged to be “destructive “.Emotions become destructive the moment they disrupt the mind’s equilibrium. We lose mental health.

The minute that, the “destructive emotion” arises – the calmness,tranquility, mental imbalance is immediately disrupted. Sometimes,”destructive emotions” are aroused by intelligence. The intelligent mind ignores and avoids real situations, while fighting within all alone, thereby creating “destructive emotion”. The consequences are negative, especially in long-term effects, we often disease our body. Sometimes, extreme compassion becomes so strong that it manifests destructive behaviour, such as violence. Violence can be at a mental or a physical level. This happens only when we carry on with “destructive emotions’ for a long time. Often ‘destructive emotions” make us aloof, self indulging, non acceptable,feeling defeated, cheated leading to negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviour patterns.

To counter “destructive emotions”, we need to work upon our confidence, so that at a sub conscious level there is no disturbance, we stay calm and allow our intelligence to work  on elements which will enhance our mental health and restore our confidence thereby instilling, “constructive emotion”.. This will also make our lives harmonious. By focusing on a real life situation with absolute acceptance, we co create” constructive emotions’ which gives us the ultimate energy to balance our mental health and defeat negativity of any kind. The “constructive emotion” has the power of healing cancer.

Cancer can be cured by “constructive emotions”.



Fear is natural biological reaction against uncertainities of all kinds – internal and external.

Fear is real as well as imaginary. Fear creates a great amount of anxiety, which then causes internal distruction of all sorts, it deeply disturbs the nervous system and converts into exaggerated and definitely not serious disease, as we imagine it to be. It starts at a superficial level and deepens into a subconcious level which creates huge amount of negativity.

We all are ruled by fear at some level or the other. We anchor to many situations or thoughts that actually do not exist, seriously. Thus, it is best to change the situation. Firstly, change at an outer level, secondly, change at an internal  level.

Fear is best dealt by not living in……………what if i fail, what if i lose the power position, what if i lose all my monies, what if i lose my loved ones,what if i cannot live up to the standards set for my friends, families, society or myself??? LET GO! Believe in your accomplishments and move on with whatever challenges.—–fear will disappear—–you will transform your life.

Fear, also, stems out from the feeling of not being loved. Start seeing the world and your circumstances less threatening and be a happier person. Love yourself, the most. Because, you live till you live and there will be a moment when you will cease to live. So, why not practice, seeing love, perfection,goodness,wisdom,challenges as positively as you can and allow the fear element to diminish………

The best remedy to my belief is ,” LOOK STRAIGHT INTO FEAR, IT WILL DISAPPEAR.”

Practice, convincing yourself that you will deal with anything as and when it comes, you will be left with nothing to fear. ………..

By overcoming fear, we can conquer over Cancer!





Acceptance is a vaccine, an antioxidant, an antibiotic………

Acceptance is Chemo…………

Acceptance is magical!

Therefore,by acceptance you can change your health related problems……..why make them problems, they are mere situations. Having accepted a situation, you can focus, you take  responsibility, you create bliss, and the situation changes in  your favor. You set a magic in motion, and that increases the flow of good health for you. The physical and mental incompetence will magically disappear, and you  will notice vitality, energy and happiness increases remarkably in your life.

Think of all your senses, seeing, smelling, mobility, hearing, talking and feel the bliss of all organs working perfectly. Even if there is a deficiency of some kind, it will ease out by acceptance.But more miraculously than any sense” the mind “governs every other organ which keeps the flow of every system in your body smooth and live. Hence, work upon acceptance of a situation as often as possible.

If living harmoniously in acceptance and loving were used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments, we would see a health revolution. Miracles and recovery rates will be as never seen before.

Cancer, is not a problem, it is a situation…………






Love is the basis of one’s life!

Love is the essence of good living!

Love heals  all negativity!

The most supreme human emotion, is to be passionate in love.Love for or between couples, parents, siblings, family and friends is the foundation of one’s happiness. Most of the time problems of love occur not because of others but because of the individuals, themselves. It is one’s own negative thoughts, low self esteem, and self destructive emotions that keep us away from attracting love. That becomes one’ personality. Then follows the feeling of rejection in any relationship. These feelings often lead to mental and physical disorders, sometimes, invite cancer, in one’s life.

For a balanced and healthy life it is important to be able to love and be loved. It becomes easier to embrace Cancer, a challenge which life sometimes  throws at us ,by confronting it only by feeling loved and thereby overcome it.

Valentine Day is all about the four letter word” LOVE”.

Let us fill each moment of our live with the four letter magical word,”LOVE”.


Hey Amit, welcome to the world of soulful living !

Well dude, you came, you loved and you remain a part of my living being forever. Over the years people have come, lived and gone. I moved on too. But you? You came, filled my life with love and happiness. You are my baby who reserved his space in my heart and is now motivating me to connect with my Cancer village through you. Thank you!

Though for a short while, we bonded  big time. In my entire journey with my cancer family, you have been the one to leave deep impression of courage, will power and your enchanting smile. I am going to be celebrating each of your wishes, each of your interests and all that you desired. One of your interest is permenantly bonded with me…….Sangeeta!

You accepted your association with cancer, so gracefully, combated bravely and bid good bye before it ceased you. You are a hero!

Together, we will work upon some sort of awareness through your experience of living and winning over the unknown fear that individuals go through when told about the cancer type. i promise you that, we shall overcome this hurdle some day.

Loads of love, and hugs to you, forever. I dedicate today’s blog to Sangeeta, my baby. Oh! what a strong personality. Hats off Sangeeta! Every Amit needs a Sangeeta to live well and rejoice the time spent in the process of the treatment. Sangeeta is singularly responsible for filling the cold ICU with her warmth of love for you. She is the role model.

Cancer is always a winner, do not fear it!




It was a misty, wet, overcast morning . i was sitting with a seven year old, combating lung cancer. The boy was eagerly peeping out of the window. He was indeed pestering me to lock the ICU cabin and open the window so that the staff does not come to know. I refused. Both of us knew that opening the window may  probably be close to death for him.

I was actually feeling let down by the weather. It was a twosome loneliness. I was on and off pepping him for the New Year and talking about the wonderful school friends awaiting his arrival in school after a slightly prolonged winter vacation.He was never convinced by this statement of mine. Somehow, his curiosity was only in opening the window for a while. I gave up and opened the window. Both of us were totally engulfed with the mist that ushered in and to some extent froze us bitterly. The kids eyes were searching for something in the sky which was invisible. I held him in my arms so that he does not catch the bitterness. We were actually protecting each other in our own ways. Suddenly, the kid was euphoric. I was looking at him and he was pointedly showing me the glimpse of a yellow kite flying. We both enjoyed the cold togetherness celebrating the New Year. He later told me that one of the staff had said that it was a kite flying day on the 14th.

Later, when we sat together chatting with each other, he said, “Aunty you always said get ready to fly. I have been feeling so weak that, i wondered how can i fly, when i can’t even walk well. Now i know that if a paper kite can fly on a string, why can’t i? ” I was surprised with the inspirational kid talk. I in fact had been hopefully convincing him to fly, in order to get him back to good health which seemed an impossible thing to his specialist. And here was he , who motivated me to believe in my own words. I shuddered at his conviction. We hugged each other so tight, that the hug will remain with me forever.

Well, friends lets fly infinitely, in or own ways…………….




Cancer  strikes  generally  due  to  emotional  imbalance…………….

Primarily,  let  us  transform  the  conduct  of  our  outer  life, our  relationships  and  so  on. The  relationships  change  profoundly  by  surrender. Let  us  define  how  surrender  can  work  in  relationships. In a  conflict  situation  if  you  start  observing  how  defensive  you  become  feeling  that  your  own  position  is  attacked,  the  force  of  your  aggresssion  as  you  attack  the  other  person  increases  immensely.  Feel  that  the  emotional  energy  behind  your  need  to  be  right  and  make  the  other  one  wrong  increases. This  is  the  energy  of  the  egoic  mind.

One  day,  if  you  realise,  in  the  middle  of  the  conflict, and  you  decide  to  drop  your  reactions  and  mindfullness,  just  see  what  happens.  You  surrender.  You  will  realise  that  you  are  feeling  light,  and  deeply  at  peace.  Then  observe  the  other  person’s   mental  position  as  you  no  longer  resist.  When  mental  position  is  out  of  the  space  between  the  two  of  you,  good  communication  begins.

One  of  the  most  gifted  relationship  is  between  siblings. This  is  dedicated  to  my  brothers………Dada  and  Ajoy.I  need  to  write,”I  love  you and  that  you  compliment  my  existence.”

This  one  is  dedicated  to  my  children——Chinky  and  Gudda. Gudda,  you  are  the  best  brother  in  the  world.  You  have  truly  cared  for  Didi. Love  you  and  God  Bless!